South Carolina Health Insurance

The health care costs in the state are a bit lower than the national average at $776 for a single premium plan from employers and $723 nationally. Contributions from the employer for such plans in South Carolina are approximately $3,167 and the national average is $3,268. For family plans provided by the employers in South Carolina, only 20% of the costs are paid by the employer; lower than the national average of 24%. Contributions are higher than the national average at 80% vs. 76% nationally. About $21.4 billion is spent on health care in South Carolina annually.

Many of the health care services in the state are below the national average, such as preventive care, acute care, chronic care, hospital care and ambulatory care - among others. One that was recorded to be above average is the home health care service. Ambulatory, nursing home care and diabetes care are below average and have not improved. Home health care is unchanged in its above average status and the other health care services are on the road to improvement. Preventive care is the only one that has worsened.

South Carolina Health Insurance Options

Some South Carolina health insurance options you may want to consider are the HMO, PPO, POS and HSA networks. The first three offer affordable insurance policies and the HSA is a tax-free savings account that is tied with an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan). Many people who have chronic illnesses turn to HDHPs and HSAs to give them the coverage other plans won't give them. With the HDHP, they get the average coverage provided by most health plans, but at a cheaper premium rate - a high annual deductible must be paid to receive benefits. The HSA is then used to cover other medical treatments provided for the chronic illness.